Day to Day

Aspects of Perception


There’s no such thing as lazy. It’s a term used by people who don’t have the capacity to understand the varying levels of motivation, focus, access and energy felt by people who have live with different circumstances than themselves. It’s a classist, derogatory, individualist and often racist term which completely ignores people’s real issues. It’s not like there’s people out there with the motivation, access and capability to do something and don’t. If someone really wants something and can’t get it then there’s barriers and these barriers can be invisible to those who don’t live with them. Calling women lazy while ignoring the patriarchy, calling the jobless lazy while ignoring that there is simply not enough work, calling someone who suffers with mental health issues lazy when their mental health stops them from gaining access to the things they need, basically blaming any individual who doesn’t have something for not having it. Calling people lazy is a political tactic used to divide the population against itself instead of uniting people against the political classes.

Just like you need access to a new car and a new phone to be an uber driver, there’s barriers to all goals. Maybe there’s someone who’ll read this message with the knowledge to help you with the start you need? At the same time I know that my mental health and self esteem are barriers to being able to utilise networks. Some people would call that lazy but I’d call it anxiety and depression.


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