Day to Day

The Spoken MS Word

For Windows open a Word document, anything with text in it will do. At the top left of the main window, to the right of the save button and the button that looks like a printer, click the small downward facing arrow with a line on top of it. From the drop down select “More Commands”, this opens the options menu for the Quick Access Toolbar. Where it says “Choose commands from:” Choose “all Commands” and find in that list the “speak” option. When it is selected push the button in the middle with the right facing arrow and push the save button to quit the options menu. You can now highlight any text and push your new Speak Button on the top of the windows and a nice robotic lady will read your highlighted text for you.

On a Mac you click the apple logo, click into the system preferences and into the accessibility menu. From there you should see a speech tab. Inside the speech menu you can change the robots voice and speaking rate but what you really want is to tick the “Speak selected text when the key is pressed” option. Now when you highlight text and press Option+ESC you get to hear the nice robotic lady speak.

It might sound a little weird at first but simply play some Vangelis or Jean Michel Jarre in the background before highlighting your essay and getting the robot to talk. Now the robotic voice makes sense and you’re proof reading your essay with your ears while flying through space.


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