Day to Day

Bound to Fruition

20150526-_DSC1539 JSM was just kind of on all the time so we watched it. It’s dated now and wasn’t intentional or important viewing then either, just an innocuous, light, forgettable carb to balance out a richer televisional meal in what now seem like the dark ages preceding reasonable video streaming. Specifics long forgotten, a single moment stuck with me. Wendie Malick commenting on a hope that the natural look would fall out of style as it took so much longer to achieve. Like the ball baring in a spray can, the thought of being natural having no greater or lesser value than being unnatural while proving harder to achieve, just kind of rattled around my head looking for a place to rest. Thinking about the greater divide between electronic and guitar based music scenes when I was younger reminded me of this moment. The stigma was palpable, electronic music wasn’t real music and you were either okay with that or you weren’t. It was a time when music wasn’t sold for it’s own merits but how it was an alternative, how it distanced itself from something else you were no longer allowed to be. There was this idea of authenticity attached to non-electronic music that paid no attention to the amount of effort and indeed electronics that go into making it sound natural. In reality the electric guitar is no more natural than a synthesizer, it’s just been around longer.


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