Day to Day

Moment of Trust

It doesn’t make you confident. If anything it’s the ritual that makes you confident. It makes you lazy. It fogs the conscious mind and disrupts sleep. It makes you worse and it makes you shit. The trick it plays is that it affects memory and makes you remember a better experience than you actually had. In reality it make you sick but you forget your sickness. You don’t sleep, you pass out, then you can’t sleep. It makes you a ready host for yeast. The yeast tells you you want more, not the brain. It’s addictive because yeast controls you. As a drug, it’s a shit drug and Australia is an addict. But it isn’t the problem, it’s a solution, a solution to a problems and while it’s solving your problems it makes you worse at dancing, sleeping, paying attention, being productive, being happy, making friends, making sense, finding love, feeling love, making love, being good, feeling good, being creative, making music, remembering what’s important and existing. It is both the easy way out and the hard way out and I love it, too much to bare.



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