Day to Day

Lilies Dressed as Lilac


Her scent, gently floral and both delicately and overwhelmingly feminine, left an undeniable mark on his usually unwavering psyche. It could be found on occasion, softly perfuming in his expensive sheets or embedded under his nails after a particularly extended evening of dear tenderness they shared, but today, as a constant reminder of her sweet dewy embrace, it had found it’s way into the pores of his very being. It clouded his vision and without hesitation it distorted reality as it engulfed him entirely.

It does so as he unloads phallic vegetation of green and orange and purple onto the black vinyl domestic belt. Like the red eyed paranoia of the smoke tinged teen who passed before him, he had hoped that the plain but pretty clerk wouldn’t catch notice of his intoxication, but then again, he too was too high to care.


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