Day to Day

Baby it’s Cold Outside


A child acts out in school and is labeled with ADHD. A well meaning parent who wants the best for their child will want to help the child be calm and attentive, allowing for a happier child who gets on well with others and prepares them for a happy adulthood. Many will medicate the child to chill them out, a stoned child is better than a violent one. Some may discipline the child, make them fear acting out. This only works until they are bigger than the parent in which case they will have to look out, as will the rest of us. A smaller group will realise that no child wants to act out, no child enjoys being in trouble and something is getting in the way of their rational thinking, making life harder than it needs to be.

Sometimes it could be a reaction to a chemical set loose in their brain, perhaps something they’ve eaten. Sometimes with the help of a little time out and the right guidance, the problem chemical structure can be identified. It can be eliminated from the diet and can result in a changed child, free from tantrums, happy to share toys and eat vegetables when asked. If it works on enough children what happen when we replace the term child with inmate and parent with state. Those in jail are likely to have behavioral issues, many of which may be improved with nutritional guidance. Could bail restrictions included eating plans? Perhaps it’s not just the food but also the way that the food is being digested that need correction. Is it strange to dream of a future where rehabilitation centers focus on rehabilitating intestinal floras as much as the minds of their owners?


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