Day to Day

It’s Not Me It’s Youth


Oh really? You used to love government funded youth targeted alternative national radio before it got commercial and sold out? You were 15 and it was lame by the time you were, 18, maybe 21? No judgements, I’ve played that same tune myself, we all did in fact. Every last one of us, born ’75, ’95 or anywhere in between, just found a point (around the age of 19) where alternative radio was no longer the relevant, alternative media journey of self discovery it used to be. It was no longer the theme track to the summer we lost our virginity and became distasteful, the embarrassing bastard child of good intentions and the commercial music industry. It became taboo with the peers who were cooler than you, they moved on to a more refined, more exclusive class of radio (community of course).

“They’ve changed. They used to be relevant  but the songs just aren’t speaking to me anymore. Total sellouts.” Said no 12 year old ever. No one would bother saying such things about the kind of music targeted to small children because it’s not the children’s performers who have changed, it’s you. You’ve grown in to a beautifully interesting and refined creature who creatively moved on and you should be proud. If you’d like to complain about alternative youth targeted national government funded radio feel free, it’s not perfect, just remember that you’re actually complaining about the uneducated, uninitiated and uninformed child you used to be. You’re just no longer the target audience. Isn’t it freeing.


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