Erotic Scenes

Handome Girl for Beautiful Boy


Lying bare in the warmth and all encompassing embrace of his dear tender arms, the gentle brush of her fair hair against his torso, as she smiles a thousand smiles, sends fire to beautiful boy’s gentle heart. With piercing brown eyes he explores all depths of the curious handsome girl’s cherished being. Climbing her every hill and delving into her every ocean, he discovers every inch of her soft lightly down peppered landscape as they play and roll and tumble and throw each other deep into an endless night of sweet infinity.

Her scent now perfumes his pillows, her silhouette haunts his dreams and he wants her, every part of her. From her ticklish darling toes to her sweet perfect nose, he wants her. He wants to taste her essence, drown in her beauty and suffocate in her eternal sweetness. He wants her tenderly and lovingly, and as fiercely as a boy could ever manage. With the thought of her before him, cherished and admired, his entire being sinks deep into the chasm of her endless love and he wants her.


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