Health, Nutrition and Autoimmunity

Penny Wong, Be My Guide

So there’s this:

She produces very well researched materiel on coping with autoimmune disease:

This smart lady ex-vegan follows the same guidelines. Her cookbook is great, I had the first copy in Australia:

This guy says roughly the same stuff the first two:

And here’s a very good video explaining the gluten thing (why it’s actually bad for everyone):

And on gluten, life and leaky guts, this one knows her stuff:

So far so good… then this lady makes me super paranoid about everything and makes me confused and grumpy about life (this link’s about MSG):

That’s already lot of information and I’m still working on what’s best for me (early signs of arthritis/bloating/fatigue/digestive upset/rashes/possible bacteria overgrowth/possible other food sensitivities etc). It’s about working with the body to heal the insides, prevent autoimmune disease (family history of thyroid disease/ibs/ulcerative colitis), cut food addiction and mainly not be a useless autistic zombie with Alzheimer’s ( I also had acne for 15 years that the doctors never identified as not actually acne, which has cleared up purely from diet changes.

Kindest regards and rainbows n’ stuff.

Y’all look after yourselves.

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