Day to Day

Echoes of the Near Future

Never been overly keen of blank canvasses, the uninspiring and creatively restrictive banalities that they are. I’d much rather build upon, refine and perfect than ever have to start. It’s the perfectionist within and I’ll be the first to acknowledge it hinders more than it helps. But here I am, this is me, more comfortable only showing completed and polished products than ever expose my vulnerabilities and this is blog with no posts, a sad affair. My justification, because I need one to soothe the beast which is my own internal dialogue, is that it’s all a process. That and the very good idiom ‘quality through quantity’, the idea that quality can be achieved not just through laborious labour but also through the process of being adequate till you shine.

I plan to fill this space with all the things that have altered my outlook on life, from art and the creative process to brain function and the erotic. Here’s some topics I’d like to cover when I get the chance:

– There was never such a thing as lazy
– Exercise will never make you happy
– You’re only hungry cause you’re starving
– Why bread is worst than cancer
– Why they say that doctors are practicing
– How to write a popular song
– This is how I do things and it works
– Dyslexia and I
– Sympathy for the creep
– How (not) to be a success in the arts
– Why we need personal environmental filters
– Neighbors is the best of bad jokes
– Your body is a garden is a spaceship
– The emotive memory returns
– Art is in the brain of the beholder
– Under grazing is a thing
– Freedom from choice
– I know what bad is and this ain’t it
– Health woes and erotic fiction


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