Day to Day

From Bad To Verse

“Hey, why don’t you start a blog?” she said in grey and black, in between the pink blossomed haze of a freshly brewed pot of jasmine. Highly reminiscent of ‘go tell someone who cares’ only spiced with good intentions and the zest of a freshly cut lemon, instead of adolescent disillusionment and scraped knees. The boy replied, in his typical underplayed manner, with a huff, “Because no one cares,” nor should they, or would they… He drifted into the contemplative space which seemed to reside in the grooves in the nails, which tipped the fingers adorning the ends of his lightly fur coated arms. Maybe I could help someone in need? Noble, but that never really crossed his mind. It seemed a far too selfish act as to actually help anyone. In a world awash with a plague of information an extra post is yet another locust to the cloud… the cloud… It was all making too much sense. It would to be done by morning.


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